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Too much fun to be exercise

Let’s face it, exercise can be difficult, at times and even boring. If you are doing something you don’t enjoy, you may be inclined to slow down or give up on exercise. But remember, exercise does not have to be something you do in the gym, or at a certain time of the day. It is any activity that helps you burn calories, tone your body, help you look and feel better and best of all, give you some fun.

There are some activities that are so much fun that you do not think of them as exercise.

Running with your dog

This not only allows you to spend time with your pet, but can give you a great workout as well.


This activity burns fat, tones muscle and builds endurance. It is a great cardiovascular workout.


Are you a nature lover? What better way than to discover new sceneries than on a hiking trip. It’s good exercise and offers a lot of possibilities for other activities along the way.


You can do this with the family or friends for more fun. Explore new areas and enjoy the outdoors.

Go sightseeing

Discover historic museums and other attractions in your city or further afield. Most sightseeing tours offer great opportunities for walking and stair-climbing.


This is a great form of exercise that does not call for any special equipment. You can do it at home or on a night out on the town. Ever notice the flat stomachs and shapely hips of professional dancers? You can achieve that by taking a class or buying a video and practicing at home. Dance with a partner and have even more fun.


This is a beautiful activity that does not feel like exercise. Pushing a lawn mower, pulling weeds, digging, pruning and planting can give you many happy hours in fresh air and help you burn some calories.

Play a sport

Basketball, soccer, tennis, racquetball are all good forms of exercise that provide fun and fitness at the same time.

Kids games

Hopscotch, jumping rope, inline-skating and many other games put the fun into fitness and leave you feeling good for hours afterwards, as well as spending quality time with the kids.

There are many other activities that you can come up with that provide the benefits of exercise. Experiment with some of these to find the ones you like best and you’ll be pleased at how much fun exercise can be. Just remember that these should not replace any prescribed exercises such as those prepared by your physiotherapist. For prescribed exercises, follow instructions to the letter.


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