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Jogging strollers

Purchasing a jogging stroller is a smart way for a young parent to keep fit while giving baby some very pleasant outdoor time. Jogging strollers have become very popular in recent times and are available in different styles, sizes and prices. Usually you get what you pay for; therefore before deciding on which stroller to buy, you should be aware of the following:

Wheel sizes

The size of a jogging stroller wheel is much larger than that of normal strollers. This enables the stroller to handle anything from walking around town or frequent running on a dirt path while offering great glide and usability. Some people may opt for wheels as large as 50 centimetres, which are more rugged and is ideal for more frequent off-road use. It offers better gliding, less resistance and smoother curb and bump manoeuvring.

Fixed wheel vs. swivel wheel

Swivel wheel strollers have grown in popularity because they are easier to turn. However, for serious joggers, the better choice is still one with a fixed front wheel as it tracks straight ahead instead of turning from side to side. Some do have a locking mechanism, but there is still some wiggle, making it difficult to manage when running. Look for alloy wheels rather than steel as these are lighter and do not rust, therefore they can be used on the beach or in snowy areas.

Shock absorbers

These are included on jogging strollers to ensure a smooth ride for your child over rough terrain. They can also cushion the bumps on uneven roads or cracks in the sidewalk.

Reclining seats

These are a feature of the newer models and offer easy resting of your child's head while at the same time preventing head bobbing. Some strollers offer a completely flat position for a new-born, although jogging with a new-born is not recommended. Whether you walk or jog with an infant, be sure to support his head properly.

Weight capacity

This refers to the certified weight that the stroller can carry. That is the weight of the child alone and not including other items. For safety, children above the certified weight should not be carried. Some strollers come with adjustable seats to accommodate a child from 5 months to 5 years.


This will ultimately be your preference, but there are some points to bear in mind. Lighter colours are more suitable for warmer climes. Also, light or bright colours attract more attention and may be preferred over darker colours if you jog in the evenings. Some strollers come with flashing lights for the same reason.


This is an essential safety feature on any stroller. Some brands offer a hand brake that works like a bicycle brake, while others may have a parking brake.


This is a standard feature. It provides your child with protection from the sun, wind and rain and even from insects. Some canopies can be raised or lowered depending on the weather.


A five-point harness is usually standard on jogging strollers as it helps to keep the child secure over rough terrain and during sudden stops.

In addition to the above, it is wise to choose a stroller that comes with an under carriage or pockets that can hold a diaper bag and other necessities. Also check that the handle position is comfortable for you whilst jogging and there is enough room for your strides without kicking the stroller at every step.


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